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students and teachers, and
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Virtual is the new real-GVirtual classroom is here to ensure you remain connected,safely

GVirtual Classroom For

values for schools with GVirtual Classroom

What a school or college is all about – a timetable. What class by whom is scheduled when? The timetable allows teachers to easily communicate with students about what time each class is scheduled and who it is scheduled by. Furthermore, it enables teachers schedule classes without conflicts.

values for Faculty/Tutors with GVirtual Classroom

GVC provides you all the tools to manage your classroom as Scheduler, Assignments, Attendance and more. Save time and Invest your energy more on pedagogical functionality.

values for Students with GVirtual Classroom

GVC is simplified and easy to use Virtual Classroom. Empower and explore your learning capabilities and make your learning functional.

values for parents with GVirtual Classroom

GVC provides all what is needed for parents to go over their kids progress.

Integrate with your Existing Conferencing Tool

We have grown in our expertise at utilizing the open source of BigBlueButton’s source code, and thus we can easily customize, modify and integrate your products and services on to your own BigBlueButton server.

Improve Students Experience

GVC helps your virtual class room experience to be more Simplified, Personalized. Gives 24*7 access to your course content with improved support and keeps you better informed about events happening in your Institution.

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GVC and Zoom are a perfect match

GVC tools seamlessly integrate with zoom, so you get the best of video and virtual classroom management

integrate zoom

We agree that Zoom has become the most used video conferencing tool now, and you must have already invested into it for your classroom needs. But, GVirtual classroom can blend in with Zoom so you can avail our most important timetable feature and not miss a class.

Integrate Big Blue Button

GVirtual Classroom can also be integrated with any BigBlueButton enabled platform as well. Make your learning platform even better by integrating it with GVirtual classroom and reap the benefits of seamless virtual classroom experience for all your stakeholders.

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